What's Covered

When you take out Tyre Insurance with Rubber Ring, you get protection from damage to your tyres.
Your cover includes:

2 replacement tyres when
  damaged beyond repair, and;

1 repair for each insured tyre.

Damage means:

•  the sudden and unforeseen
   deflation of a tyre arising from
   accidental damage to the
   tyre itself;

•  or malicious damage to the
   tyre or valve from a third party,
   necessitating immediate repair
   or replacement before normal
   use can be resumed.
What's NOT covered:

Business use; if you use your
  vehicle as an emergency
  vehicle, taxi, or bus, for driving
  school tuition, dispatch or
  commercial travel

Excess mileage; if the tyre(s)
  on your vehicle cover more than
  18,000 miles per year or 1,500
  miles per month.

< 2mm tread; a claim where at
  the time of damage the tyre
  tread depth is less than 2mm
  across any tread area of the

No crime reference; any
  malicious damage claim, which
  is not accompanied by a valid
  and substantiated crime
  reference number

Theft of the tyre(s)

Tyres without the "E" Mark;
and any claim where there has
  been an attempt to remove
  the serial number or other
  identifying marks from
  the tyre(s)

Policy Documents

Insurance Product Information Document
Tyre Insurance
Policy Wording